Preview of the Dijon GP de l’Age d’Or

Luca Litardi - 1976 Porsche 934 - CER2 - 2023 Dijon GP de l'Age d'Or

In 1964, Serge Pozzoli and Jacques Potherat and a handful of enthusiasts were the driving force behind the Coupes de l’Age d’Or, the first event for historic racing cars. It was the curtain-raiser for the F1 Grand Prix de l’Automobile de France on the Rouen-les-Essarts circuit. With its move to the Linas-Monthléry circuit, the event was baptized the Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or. Peter Auto brought the event to the Circuit de Dijon-Prenois and brought back the heydays of the track.

Just a few editions ago, the GP de l’Age d’Or even had Group C racing, but unfortunately, that’s no longer the case. Also, the regular HGCPA (Historic Grand Prix Cars Association) will not have races next weekend. That may however not be a reason to be disappointed. With the usual series competing in Peter Auto Events, there is much action and suspense assured on a race track that belongs to the most beautiful in Europe. These are the series you’ll see at the 2024 Dijon GP de l’Age d’Or.

  • 2.0L Cup
  • Classic Endurance Racing 1
  • Classic Endurance Racing 2
  • Classic Touring Challenge
  • Heritage Touring Cup
  • Sixties’ Endurance
  • The Gentlemen Challenge 1
  • The Gentlemen Challenge 2

A few weeks ago, Peter Auto had to cancel some races because of torrential rain showers that turned the Spa-Francorchamps race tracks into small rivers. Looking at the weather predictions, we don’t have to fear that in Dijon. Chances are that there will be rain showers and even thunderstorms, but a smooth temperature in the mid-twenties and a probably rather warm breeze make that up. Over the weekend over 250 classic race cars will face the challenge of the rather short Dijon-Prenois circuit. The drivers will have to conquer the blind corner of La Bretelle, an uphill Parabolique hairpin, and the very quick and long Pouas curve. We guarantee you it will be worth the trip, and don’t forget to say hi when you notice us !!

Pictures copyright Tim Havermans (please get in touch with us if you want high-resolution images from any of the cars on the entry list)

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