Probably the best classic car show in the world : the Retromobile in Paris

Porsche race cars all over the place at the Retromobile in Paris…

At the start of the classic car season, there is no doubt you have to schedule a visit to the Retromobile classic car show in Paris. And just as the thousands of visitors, you won’t be disappointed. We’ve been to the Paris Retromobile for over 10 consecutive years now. Our conclusion is that this is the best classic car show in the world. We think it outperforms the Techno Classica in Essen, or the Retro Classics in Stuttgart. Obviously, we do have reasons to tell you that.

Comparison with Techno Classica and Retro Classics

Paris Retromobile 2020

First of all, the quality of cars at the Retromobile show is unequalled at the 2 other shows. Mainly when it comes to classic sportscars, some of the cars just won’t show up in the German shows. Can we explain that ? Well, not really. There must be a reason, we just don’t know it. We can only guess. We believe the main reason is that nor Essen, nor Stuttgart have the same appeal as a town as Paris. Some collectors won’t even bother visiting Essen or Stuttgart.. Paris however.. just the name sounds impressive.  

Another reason in our opinion is that you can do the Paris show in 1 day. You’ll have to hurry if you want to. But you can visit the show, and see all of it in just one day.  We don’t know how to do that at the Techno Classica or Retro Classics. On the other hand, both shows in Germany are a must too, and go visit them whenevever you can.  Now let’s go back to the show.

Rare, rarer, the most rare..

Paris Retromobile 2020
Porsche 910-027, ex factory race car

The number of Porsches at the Retromobile overwhelmed us again. And that’s not just the regular classic street Porsches. We’re talking about the real serious shit now. Without going into too much detail, we spotted the Porsche factory Porsche 959 prototype in Paris.  Furthermore, an exhibitor had Porsche 910 (chassis #910-027) for sale. Only 28 Porsche 910s left the factory, so this is the second to last Porsche 910 produced. This particular car was raced in 1967 by Rolf Stommelen and Jochen Rindt.

Paris Retromobile 2020 -Real or fake : the Porsche 917-043 ?
Real or fake : the Porsche 917-043 ?

A car that brought quite some discussion on social media, was the hippie livery Porsche 917. Is this the original Porsche 917-043 or is it a replica ? We’ll leave this to the real experts, but we always had in mind that the original Porsche 917-043 was in the Simeone Museum in Philadelphia (USA). The Porsche 917 in the Le Mans 1970 livery of the French Racing Legend Car was definitely a replica.

Furthermore, we spotted Porsche 550 Spyder ( chassis 550-050). The last time we had seen this car was in 2011 at the Porsche Race Car Classic in the USA. Back then it lived as a 550 Outlaw. We’re not sure when the car was put back to a more original setup and when it crossed the ocean back to Europe.

Paris Retromobile 2020
Porsche 550 (chassic 550-050) for sale by German dealer Auxietre & Schmidt

.And we can continue with the rare cars… how about 2 Porsche 904 Carrera GTS in the show? The Porsche 904 with chassis 904-049 could be yours when you opened your wallet. The other one, of which the owner wanted us to not reveal the chassis number, was not for sale. This particular one was one of the very few Porsche 904s originally equipped with a 8 cylinder powerplant…And that’s not all, as you can find out yourself by going through our gallery with pictures..  Did we convince you to go visit the Retromobile in 2021 ?

Picture Gallery of the 2020 Retromobile in Paris

Pictures by Vintage Race Photography