Seating in Motion since 1963

When a car nut hears about Recaro, there’s no doubt he knows it’s all about seating. There’s probably no brand that has more to do with car seats than Recaro does. And there’s more. Even though it might be lesser known to the public. There’s probably few brands that are so integrated in Porsche history, than Recaro does. You’ll probably remember Frank Jung, the author of Porsche 356 : Made by Reutter. Now he wrote a book “Recaro -SEATING IN MOTION” about the history of Recaro.  A history that stands for 110 years of business.  No better occasion than an anniversary, than to publish a company’s history.

The book “Recaro -SEATING IN MOTION” describes how, over the course of many decades, the RECARO brand has successfully executed the art of getting people moving. The book has  numerous chapters, which include 380 photographs and cover 400 pages.  It recounts the RECARO brand’s historical journey from 1963 until today. It highlights the milestones of groundbreaking products along the way. Numerous photos and graphics show the brand’s development over the decades. The s special typology of the product range is not forgotten : car seat, child safety seat, airline seat.

Frank Jung had several interviews with both designers now enjoying their retirement, as with contemporary designers. He spent hours talking with managers and many other protagonists of Recaro. This way he was able to cover a fascinating overview of the varied and exciting Recaro History. A history that has so much connections with  the history of Porsche.

Conversations with the management, contemporary and former designers, and many other protagonists of the company history convey a fascinating overview of the varied and exciting RECARO history. A history that was always characterised by innovation, quality standards, and absolute customer orientation. And that is why in this volume dedicated RECARO users have their say as well: Porsche driver Guy Newmark, frequent flier Manfred Haverkamp and former child safety seat passenger Julia Uspelkat talk about the role RECARO played and still plays in their life.

Frank Jung did not forget to talk to the customers too. Some of them have great stories and wouldn’t love their cars as much as they do know, when there were no Recaro seats in it. The book Recaro – Seats in Motion is not the book you’ll find in any car enthusiasts library. However I think it is a book that belongs in any Porsche aficionado’s bookshelf.


Author : Frank Jung
Pages : 400 pages and approximately 400 pictures (Color & B/W)
Language : available in both German & English
ISBN : 978-3-667-10714-5 / 978-3-667-10313-0

Frank Jung
Delius Klasing
July 18, 2016