917x17 owner edition (by Jeff Zwart)

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917 x 17 Owner Edition.

Up for sale is a uber rare copy of “917x17” Owner Edition by Jeff Zwart and published by David Bull Publishing more than 10 years ago. The book - still unopened as sealed in its original plastic foil as I also own a standard edition I use as reference - has a black leather cover (instead of the standard cloth used for other editions) and it’s enclosed in a handmade fiberglass sort of clamshell box, shaped on the original 917 engine van design.

Inside you can also find an original A5 format hand signed print by Jeff Zwart itself. This rare edition was produced in just 40 pieces and mine, as showed, is #30 of them. Conditions are absolutely new and perfect as they were when I bought it. Every edition of the book is longly sold out and last time I saw a copy of these was 6 years ago. 

Please ask for shipping costs.