Sierra Madre Collection Open House

A Porsche street festival

A few years ago, Sierra Madre Collection moved to their new premises at Colorado Boulevard in Los Angeles. And since that move, their annual open house on the occasion of the LA Lit and Toy Show changed in a very positive way. The Sierra Madre Collection Open House transforms the complete neighbourhood into a giant Porsche parking. Reason enough for us to hurry back to Los Angeles after our visit to the California Porsche Restoration Open House in Fallbrook.

Sierra Madre Collection transforms the street into a public Porsche only parking lot.

Sierra Madre Collection provides the visitors with food and drinks. The local brewery serves fresh beer, you can grab food and coffee. The counter in the warehouse has a queue of Porsche fans, waiting to pick up their order. Outside, nothing but happy faces. Groups of Porsche fans admiring the hundreds of cars that show up during the day. Porsches are all over the street, parked next to each other. You can find Porsche for everyone’s taste. From the early and stock Porsche 356 over outlaw Porsche 356s and Porsche 911s. Porsches of all kinds and ages show up. And the exhibitors that are invited to show their products in the tents make the spot look like an open air Porsche Market.  Brett Johnson was selling autographed copies of his recently published “Porsche 356 Restorer’s Guide to Authenticity“.

Brett Johnson selling and autographing his ‘Porsche 356 restorer’s guide to authenticity’.

The Sierra Madre Collection Open House is one you should definitely keep in mind to visit when you are in Los Angeles for the 2021 LA Lit and Toy Show. A big thanks for Sierra Madre Collection to host this great Porsche party.

Picture Gallery Sierra Madre Collection Open House

Pictures by Vintage Race Photography