Singer and the Porsche 911 Book Cover Singer and the Porsche 911
Michael Hartley and Rob Dickinson
Stance and Speed

Singer and the Porsche 911

This book, by Michael Harley and conpany founder Rob Dickinson, is actually about the same. A passion for cars, a passion for beautiful cars. A passion for the Porsche 911. With hundreds of great pictures, the book tells the story of Singer Vehicle Design, the way they work, and shows the complete process of what a restoration by Singer Vehicle Design involves. When you come to Singer, first thing they do is listen. They need to know what you want your car to look like. What's your idea behind the car you want Singer to build for you. They listen, they help you to make the right choice, to finally deliver you a car with it's own identity and personality. The restorations are clearly not for the purists that want their car original to the last bit. That's what you want ? Don't go to Singer.

A Porsche restoration by Singer Vehicle Design is a true nut and bolt restoration. One could call it a rebuild, as at the finish the car you get back is completely different from the car you left at the shop. The authors have talked hours and hours with different customers who explain their passion for cars, and for the Porsche 911 in particular.

Singer and the Porsche 911 is illustrated with numerous professional pictures, and printed on glossy high quality paper. The book is a great coffee table book that will give you hours of pleasure over and over again just by flipping through the pages and enjoy the pictures. The book includes a list of all of the cars by Singer Vehicle Design. And for those that want more detail, you can start reading the book, and live the same passion that made the birth of the company behind the cars and book possible. Let's hope this is not the last book, as I want to stay tuned on all cars ever built by them.

In my opinion, Singer and the Porsche 911 is well worth the money, and definitely a great addition to your library.