Few race tracks work as a magnet to a race enthusiast as the Spa-Francorchamps track does. There’s lots of tracks with names that sound like a clock. Zandvoort , Dijon-Prenois , Paul-Ricard or Silverstone. But you must agree. Next to the Nürburgring in Germany, Spa-Francorchamps belongs to the true legendary circuits in Western-Europe.  It is always great to see cars braking before the famous La Source to make the turn to the right. Gain speed on the straight towards the Eau Rouge and Radaillon to disappear at the top of the blind corner.  And isn’t it even more spectacular when you see a full grid of classic racers hauling through these iconic curves at speeds one can’t imagine the cars were capable to do back then.

3 days of classic car fun

The Spa 6 hours is a 3 day event that has a programme that’s filled with thrilling race series. No matter what race cars you’re intrested in, you’ll definitely find what you want to see.  The different series at the Spa 6hours are the  British Sports GT Saloon Challenge, Masters Pre 66 Touring Car Championship, the Woodcote Trophy Stirling Moss Trophy, FIA Masters Historic Formula One Championship, Historic Motor Racing News U2TC, Masters Gentlemen Drivers Pre 66 GT Cars, Historic Grand Prix Cars Association, Masters 70s Celebration, Historic Motor Racing News Pre 63 GT, Historic Sports Car Club and the FIA Masters Historic Sports Car Championship. 3 days the race track is filled with excitement, speed and burning gasoline.

The Spa 6 hours endurance race

One would think the previous mentioned race series would be enough. Well, actually it is not. The main event of the weekend is , obviously, the 6 hour endurance race that takes off at Saturday 4pm. That’s the moment the race track changes into a battlefield for 6 hours. The race is much demanding for both drivers, cars and the complete team that works behind the scenes to keep the car on the track. After all, in a 6 hour race there’s a lot to cope with. Seat changes, pit stops, tire changes, not to mention eventual break downs. No mercy for the people and the material.

What makes the 6 hours even more spectacular is the fact that it is race in both day and night circumstances. Luckily this year the weather conditions weren’t that hellish, as they were last year, when the race had to be abandoned because of the torrendeous rain.  When the checquered flag goes down after 6 hours, everyone is filled with mixed emotions. Drivers and cars are tired, they need a rest. And on the other hand, they want to be back on the track.

After all, life is racing. Everything else is just waiting as Steve McQueen once said. This quote is probably the best way to explain what the Spa 6 hours is all about. See you in 2016.

Spa 6 hours 2015

Pictures by Vintage Race Photography