I went early to tSpaClassic_37he Spa Classic this year. I arrived at the race track Thursday at about 2PM. I knew I probably wouldn’t see any of the cars competing in the races during the weekend, at the track. But I thought it would be great to walk through the different areas to see how the cars were unloaded from the trucks, experience the atmosphere of the mechanics not having stress yet and in the meantime enjoying some fun at the track as most Thursdays are opentrack days in Spa.

Nothing else today, and I was lucky to see that many Porsches at the track. Porsche Cayman R, Porsche GT2, Porsche GT3, Porsche GT3RS… quite impressive as you can see on the pictures.

In the paddocks I noticed a similar field to last years Spa Classic, with early Porsche RSR’s, both the 2.8 and 3.0 versions, lots of early Porsches 911s, among them the one of Gaby von Oppenheim that’s always present at the AvD Oldtimer GP at the Nurburgring too. SpaClassic_81I noticed no less than 3 Porsches 904s, a Porsche 908/3 and some Porsches 356.

According to the entries I’ve seen there’s supposed to be Porsches 906, Porsche 910 too, and ofcourse the group C racers Porsche 956 and 962 but unfortunately I didnt spot one of them yet. I guess they were hidden in the F1 pits, or maybe some of them still on their way to the tracks as many cars hadn’t shown up yet.

Next to the fabulous cars competing, weather forecasts look very promising so there’s no reason not to be there.

Text : Tim Havermans
Pictures : Tim Havermans