Sporterfolge (Tony Adriaensens , Corsa Research)


For many of you, Tony Adriaensens may be unknown.  Born in Antwerp Belgium, he grew in a family were graphic arts, photography and cars were a common subject to talk about. His father had a great interest in motorsport in common and F1 in particular. So it’s not amazing that Tony inherited the motorsport bug. Tony started buying books about the cars , and became severely interested in Italian cars, the Alfa Romeo GTA inparticular. Since Tony didn’t find the detailed information he wanted in the existing books, it became obvious for him to write his own. The idea of his first book ‘Alleggerita’ was born, and the book came out in 1994.  Immediately after the publishing of his first book, Tony started working on another project, which ultimatelywas called ‘Ottovu’ , a wonderful 2-piece book about the Fiat 8V and Siata derivatives. More books followed, like ‘American Heroes’, describing Californian motorsports history in the fifties. ‘Then days in Sicily’ , the story of 4 young men who go visit the road-race Targa Florio.

Now Corsa Research is proud to announce the book ‘Sporterfolge’ : proud with a reason. This book is a masterpiece. Just as in his previous books, you can findamazing pictures, most of them never published before. The pictures are chosen in such a way, that they provoke a feeling to the reader, the feeling that youare witnessing the race in person, the feeling you can smell the cars, sniff the dust..

The books covers a great part of the race history of Porsche , from the early fifties up to begin sixties. From the Porsche 356 Gmünd SL’s up to the Porsche 718 RS61. Pictures of dozens of races are used in the book : Carrera Panamericana, Le Mans 24hours, Liège – Rome – Liège, airport races, hill-climbs… Name itand you’ll find it.  Sporterfolge is a treasure of information for the historian, as each race and event is described with lots of detail, using reports from race journals from the period magazines. Next to the period comments, the author did his own research, and gives a clear and detailed information about the particular situation on the picture, for some cars even the chassis-numbersare revealed.

Exactly as his previous books, Tony Adriaensens succeeds in bringing a masterpiece with hundreds of the most beautiful pictures, many of them by amateur photographers.This is a book one cannot miss in his library, not as a Porsche aficionado, not at a petrolhead with interest in the race history of the fifties, and not by anyone who’s interested in bookswith lots of the greatest images and love for layout. Just a look at the slipcase is amazing, as anyone will recognize the Ulmer Ceramic cigarette box , in the fifties sold by the Porsche factory.


Author : Tony Adriaensens
Publisher :
Language : English
Pages : 640
ISBN : 9080119741

Sporterfolge Book Cover Sporterfolge
Tony Adriaensens
Art & Photography