International exhibitors and visitors in the Alte Kelter in Fellbach

One of the best Porsche only Swap Meets is definitely the Straehle Porsche Swap Meet in the Alte Kelter in Fellbach, close to Stuttgart and Zuffenhausen. It started 14 years ago in the Strähle workshop in Pluderhausen. Paul-Ernst Strähle Jr and Marco Marinello of Elevenparts had visited the LA Lit and Toy Show and had the brilliant idea to do something similar in Europe. The Strähle Porsche Swap Meet was born. The swap meet moved later to the Schorndorf Kunst und Technik Museum, and then to the Paul Kunkelin Halle in the city centre of Schorndorf. The Strähle Porsche Swap meet became more and more succesful and the venue was not the best one could imagine for a show like that. 

In 2017, the Strähle Porsche Swap meet took place in the Alte Kelter in Fellbach for the first time.  November 11th 2018, the 14th edition of the Strähle Porsche Swap Meet took place in that same venue. The  2018 show was even bigger than in 2017, with close to 100 exhibitors. Even though we have not been informed by the organization about the number of visitors, we had the impression there were more than last year. We know for sure the public was international, both on the visitor as on the exhibitor side with presences of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, ….

The collectible Reutter Porsche 356 model

The Strähle Porsche Swap meet , just as it’s larger brother the LA Lit and Toy Show, can be considered as a giant Porsche only warehouse. Dozens of tables  filled with huge piles of parts for Porsche. The range of Porsche you’ll find parts on is large. From the very early Porsche 356 pre A ‘s over the Porsche 356 A, B and C models up to the early watercooled Porsche 911s. At the Automobilia Ladenburg booth, there was even a complete Carrera 4-cam for sale.

For Porsche literature collectors, the Strähle Porsche Swap Meet was more like a candy shop with some extremely interesting and rare Porsche literature. We noticed at least 2 of the highly collectible Liebe zu Ihm books, 1 of the 1st print of the Georg Konradsheim Porsche 911 RS book, an original Porsche 550 Spyder manual and dozens and dozens of sales brochures and memorabilia.  One of the regulars at the Strähle Porsche Swap Meet is Peter Falk, the former race director of Porsche. If you join the party next year, good chance you’ll see him. He always has some great stories to tell…