Cover - Supersportwagen aus Deutschland

Ferry Porsche once said that the last car to be built would be a sports car. But what actually makes a sports car? Unfortunately, he didn’t say, but maybe you can find the answer in ‘Supersportwagen aus Deutschland’. The author Joachim M. Köstnic sums up the most famous and extravagant German super sports cars in this 224 pages volume.

And honestly, there were some cars that I didn’t know of before going through this book.  Of course, we knew about Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche. And yes we knew about Veritas, Ruf, and Volkswagen. But had you ever heard of Yes!, Lorenz& Rankl, or Sin-Cars? On the other hand, I consider Brabus and ABT  not as true manufacturers, in my opinion, they’re more like tuners. But they have their separate chapter in ‘Supersportwagen aus Deutschland’ too. 

Don’t expect to learn much about the history of the different manufacturers. Nor should you think you’ll be a connoisseur of all the different models leaving one of the factories mentioned. But ‘Supersportwagen aus Deutschland’ definitely gives a good overview of what is and was available in Germany, even though not all of the cars mentioned can be considered super sportscars, as the title makes you believe.

In case you master the German language, we would consider spending 16,95€. For that money, you’ll have some hours of reading fun during the cold winter evenings.

Cover – Supersportwagen aus Deutschland

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Supersportwagen aus Deutschland Book Cover Supersportwagen aus Deutschland
Joachim M. Köstnick
Motorbuch Verlag
September 23, 2022
224 pages
482 pictures