The 15th season of the Porsche Mobil1 Supercup is over. Richard Westbrook from Great Britain is the new champion. Eleven championship rounds in ten countries with an average of 29 pilots from a total of 21 countries – an unparalled anniversary season. A 2007 review of the world’s fastest international one-make series includes even more fascinating facts and figures.

The total number of race kilometres: 728.558 kilometres

The number of different winners: 6 pilots

Jeroen Bleekemolen (NL, 3 wins)

Uwe Alzen (D, 2)

Damien Faulkner (IRL, 2)

Richard Westbrook (GB, 2)

Nicolas Armindo (F, 1)

Patrick Huisman (NL, 1)

The pilot with the most wins: Jeroen Bleekemolen (NL) – 3

The pilot with the most flag-to-flag wins: Jeroen Bleekemolen (NL) – 3

The pilot with the most pole positions: Jeroen Bleekemolen (NL) – 5

The pilot with the most fastest race laps: Richard Westbrook (GB) – 5

The pilot who led the points the longest: Richard Westbrook (GB)

The pilot with the most years of Supercup experience: Patrick Huisman (NL) – 10

The pilot with the most Supercup victories: Patrick Huisman (NL) – 24

The average number of competitors per race in 2007: 29 drivers

The championship round with the most starters: Barcelona (E), 34 drivers

The totalled engine power in the Porsche paddock: average around 12,000 hp

The number of Michelin tyres used: around 1,000 tyres

The VIP drivers of Porsche AG: Miguel Angel de Castro (E), Derrick Warwick (GB), Frank Biela (D), Norbert Kiss (H), Altfrid Heger (D)

The most impressive chase: Richard Westbrook (GB) started from 29th in Silverstone and crossed the finish line in ninth. He was finally classified 18th after receiving a penalty

The fastest race: Monza, average speed 181.796 kph

The slowest race: Monaco, average speed 120.316 kph

The longest race: Istanbul, 28:07.504 minutes

The shortest race: Magny Cours, 22:06.292 minutes

The longest race distance: Monza, 80.793 kilometres

The shortest race distance: Magny-Cours, 48.337 kilometres

The fastest race lap: Stefan Rosina (SK) in Monza, 1:53.016 minutes (184.529 kph)

The smallest gap between winner and second-placed driver: 0.391 seconds in Monaco, Jeroen Bleekemolen (NL) ahead of Patrick Huisman (NL)

The largest gap between winner and second-placed driver: 13.484 seconds in Magny-Cours, Uwe Alzen (D) ahead of Nicolas Armindo (F)

The smallest gap between pole position and second qualifier: 0.022 seconds in Bahrain (2nd qualifying session), Damien Faulkner (IR) ahead of Uwe Alzen (D)

The largest gap between pole position and second qualifier: 0.300 seconds in Istanbul, Jeroen Bleekemolen (NL) ahead of Stefan Rosina (SK)

The hottest race: Istanbul (TR), 34 degrees Celsius

The coolest race: Silverstone (GB), 17 degrees Celsius

The youngest competitor: Martin Ragginger (A), 19 years (29.3.1988)

The oldest competitor: Maher Algadri (RI), 61 years (9.9.1946)

The tallest pilot Patrick Huisman (NL), 1.94 metres

The shortest pilot: Olivier Maximin (F), 1.65 metres