The 2022 International Porsche Collectors Day was a huge success

After we returned from a visit to the Retromobile Show in Paris, we had to start packing for a visit to another event that had to be canceled for 2 years too. We went to the International Porsche Collectors Day, an event that can be compared to the LA Lit and Toy Show.  Henk Koop, president of the Porsche Model Club Europe, visits the LA Lit and Toy Show on a regular base. And years ago, he had the bright idea to bring a similar show to Europe. 

2022 Int Porsche Collectors Day

Mark Wegh, owner of the Porsche Classic Centre of Gelderland, and a vivid collector of both parts and literature,  supports the event in a huge way. He allows the organization to use his premises. And the result is the International Porsche Collectors Day, and in numbers, probably the largest event worldwide only dedicated to Porsche literature, toys, memorabilia and parts.  After an absence of 2 years, the International Porsche Collectors Day turned out to be a huge success.  As Henk Coop told us : “the show had over 80 exhibitors displaying their goodies, claiming close to 400 meters of tables, filled with nothing but Porsche-related material.  Due to the current European situation, Porsche AG stopped promoting the event. And because of Covid, the organization choose not to promote the event worldwide”. 

2022 Int Porsche Collectors Day

Large number of visitors

Despite that, over 1500 visitors made it to the Porsche Classic Centre Gelderland. As soon as the doors opened, the crowd started streaming in. From then on, we saw a constant flow of visitors strolling between the tables. Goodies of all kinds filled the tables. We noticed the very collectible Liebe zu Ihm book as well as original factory service manuals for the Porsche 356, Porsche 914, Porsche 912, Porsche 911 and even Porsche 956. A true gem was an original and extremely rare manual for the Porsche 550 Spyder. One of the eye-catchers at the show, and I mean that literally, was the 911 Millenium book, the largest Porsche 911 book in the world, with pictures by the renowned photographer René Staud.

Waiting for the snow with a Porsche sleigh

Some familiar faces

We noticed quite some familiar faces among the visitors and exhibitors of the International Porsche Collectors Day. Of course the main European collectors made it to the Netherlands. And we had a nice conversation with Rüdiger Mayer, co-author of the Racing and Recipes book by Jürgen Barth, who was selling books. Even Paul-Ernst Strähle Jr, son of the legendary racer Paul-Ernst Strähle, and organizer of a similar show in the autumn in Fellbach, had a table to sell some literature and parts.  And just as in the previous edition, Billy Karam, multiple rally champion of Lebanon, made it to the Netherlands to visit the International Porsche Collectors Day. For those asking what he was looking for : Billy Karam is Guinness Record Holder for the largest miniature and diorama collection of the World, and owner of a private museum in Beirut.

We’ve spoken to many visitors and exhibitors. And the only conclusion we can draw is that the International Porsche Collectors Day was a huge success. The event grew into a major event, that hopefully will continue to grow to an event that even people from overseas want to visit. One thing is for sure. We’ll be there !!

Picture gallery of the International Porsche Collectors Day

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