The 2nd Porsche Tour West Flanders

The 2nd Porsche Tour West-Flanders took place last Monday, May 1st.  Close  to 150 Porsches from different ages gathered at the grand-place of Ypres to start the tour.  The tour, organized by Dirk Kesteleyn, was a fantastic opportunity for Porsche enthusiasts to take their cars on a scenic drive through the beautiful countryside of West-Flanders.  Most of the drivers that joined the tour had their origins in West-Flanders. However, people from all over Flanders showed up, and there was even international interest with a participant coming from Great-Britain.


After receiving the roadbook, participants could start the tour covering a distance of approximately 150 kilometers in total. The goal of the tour was sheer fun, and there was no competition at all. Everyone was free to leave at any moment, and make stops whenever they wanted.  The organisation made sure in taking in some of the most picturesque scenery that West-Flanders has to offer. The route included a mix of small towns, winding country roads. For the speed devils, there were  some straight roads  to allow to stretch their car’s legs.


The tour was a perfect blend of driving, sightseeing, and socializing, with participants able to chat with other Porsche enthusiasts at several stops along the route. The first half of the day concluded with a lunch at a local restaurant, where participants were able to relax and share their experiences . After lunch, they continued to end the tour at the Oldtimer Museum in Lo-Reninge. There was a real sense of camaraderie amongst the participants, with many already looking forward to the next Porsche Tour West-Flanders.

Picture Gallery Porsche Tour West-Flanders

All pictures courtesy Wilfried Geerts and Belinda Nuytten