The 36th Salon Champenois de Véhicules de Collection in Reims

Salon Champenois Reims 2024 ©Wilfried Geerts

Reims, located in the northeastern part of France is a city that has a rich history that started somewhere in the Roman Empire and continues today. No doubt the best known and most popular product from the city of Reims is champagne. Names like Veuve-Cliquot, Ruinart, and Vrancken-Pommery are familiar to all who like to pop a bottle of champagne. That’s why there are always that many tourists walking around in the town center, or driving through the fabulous environment to visit the wineries. However, the first weekend of March, another kind of tourist rules the streets of Reims

The Salon Champenois de Véhicules de Collection was in its 36th edition this year. The Salon isn’t the biggest of its kind, nor is it the best, but it always is a great walk between the different tables, exploring the goodies they have on display. Often, when you have a good eye for what you are looking for, you might find some interesting stuff. Quite often even for a price that’s well below the price that you’d pay for it at some other shows. Don’t expect to see cars that can be considered treasures, you won’t but you’ll be surprised of the gems that might be there, mainly when it comes to literature and memorabilia.

Picture Gallery Salon Champenois de Reims

Pictures courtesy Wilfried Geerts