The date of the Strähle Swap Meet in Fellbach is known.

Even though summer isn’t even over yet, you have to face the reality that the end of the year is coming close. But, it is way to early to start thinking about Xmas ofcourse. There are a few more things that are way more fun, and even closer to us. The first event we’re all looking forward to is Rennsport Reunion VII at the Laguna Seca Raceway in California. And what about the Strähle Porsche Swap Meet in Fellbach? Dozens of exhibitors will fill the ‘Alte Kelter’ with parts, literature, and memorabilia. And in the last editions hundreds of collectors, fans, and enthusiasts showed up. Paul-Ernst Strähle Jr, son of former racer Paul-Ernst Strähle, is the man in charge and responsible for the organization.

2022 Strahle Swap Meet Fellbach-16
Rare literature at the 2018 Strähle Swap Meet

Those that have visited the Strähle Swap meet, or a similar event like the LA Lit and Toy Show or the International Porsche Collectors Day in the Netherlands, know what we are talking about. The Strähle Swap Meet is more than just a show to go find treasures to complete your collection, or to dig up the part that you were looking for for ages. The Strähle Swap Meet is above all a unique opportunity to catch up with fellow Porsche fans and friends from all over Europe (and maybe even America or Asia). 

Next to that, the Strähle Swap Meet, now in its 17th edition, is a place where Porsche legends used to show up. And isn’t it always great fun to listen to stories told by people like Norbert Singer, Peter Falk, and Jürgen Barth, to name just a few. Of course there is no garanty that you will see these guys. But a swap meet closer to the birthplace of your favorite car is hardly thinkable.

And to finish, we would like to give you a last piece of advice: combine the trip to the Strähle Swap Meet with a visit to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. And of course, the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Bad-Cannstat is more than worth a short detour too!!

In case you want more information to become an exhibitor at the event too, get in touch with the organization

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