The day before the Dijon GP de l’Age d’Or really starts

Tomorrow the real action of the Dijon GP de l’Age d’Or starts at the race track of Dijon-Prenois. And that means that today there was lots of action in the paddocks. Teams arrived with trucks and trailers, trying to find the spot to unload cars and materials. Mechanics doing some last-minute repairs and prepping cars for technical scrutineering.

Today, the paddocks of the track in Burgundy looked like a beehive. Workers hoarding material, working and teaming up, all with just one goal. Making sure that the queen of the beehive, the car in this case, will be ready for the track tomorrow.

The Dijon GP de l’Age d’Or is the oldest historic car meeting in France as the first Coupes de l’Age d’Or was held on the Rouen-Les-Essarts circuit in 1964 as a curtain-raiser to the French Formula 1 Grand Prix. 

The race-grids 

7 Series will come into action from tomorrow  All series are known from previous Peter Auto events. Porsche 911 fans will have lots of fun with the 2.0L cup, a series with only 1965 2.0l Porsche 911s in it. Both the series of Classic Endurance Racing have their races. Passionate about cars from the fifties and sixties? Then the Fifties’ Legends, Sixties Endurance, and The Greatest Trophy will surely interest you. The final series is the Heritage Touring Cup.

Picture Gallery Dijon GP de l’Age d’Or

All pictures courtesy Tim Havermans. Please contact us in case you want a picture of any car that is participating in the 2023 Dijon GP de L’Age d’Or


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