The day before the Zoute GP rally starts

Porsche 550-057 and Porsche 356C at the 2022 Zoute GP Scrutineering

It is no secret that the Zoute GP is an event that has grown into one of the most prestigious classic car events of Europe. In just over a decade, the Zoute GP is of such a high level that it is now marked on the calendar of all car enthusiasts. You should not ask why. The Zoute GP is an event that places a complete city in the automotive spotlight. Not only the cars that are on display in the Prado Zoute, but the surrounding streets breathe an automotive atmosphere.

Pieter de Groote (Mayor of Knokke) and Filip Bourgoo (Zoute GP Organization) (l-r)
Pieter de Groote (Mayor of Knokke) and Filip Bourgoo (Zoute GP Organization) (l-r)

Thursday is traditionally the day the competitors of the Zoute GP Rally have their cars scrutineered. So while Philip Bourgoo, head of the organization, and Pieter De Groote, mayor of the city Knokke spoke to the press, in the background, classic cars were scrutineered.

Zoute GP 2022
Classic cars parked on the promenade in Knokke

The cars that rolled over the podium, just as they will do the next days at the start and finish, were quite diverse again. In the regularity class, cars from 1920 till the end of 1965 are allowed. For the participants that want to enjoy the rally without too much competition, there is the Touring class with cars from 1920 till the end of 1975. As you can see in the pictures, some rare birds showed up this morning at the scrutineering. And in case you want to see them with your own eyes, make sure you’ll be in Knokke the next few days.

Picture Gallery Zoute GP Thursday 2022

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