The Essential Buyer’s Guide : Porsche 911 (991)

All first generation models 2012 to 2016

Buying a Porsche 911 is not an easy thing. There’s thousands of them on the market, and not all of them are in the condition you want the car to be. First of all you have to decide what model you want, and depending on the goal you have with the car, and your technical skills, you have to make up your mind about the condition of the car you are looking for. Once  you have decided you want a Porsche 911 from the 991 model range,  you still have lots of unanswered questions.  

To find an answer on these questions requires a thorough knowledge of the Porsche 911. The Essential Buyer’s guide Porsche 911 ( 991)  is a very good start to obtain that knowledge. Adrian Streather is a renowned Porsche 911 specialist. In 17 short chapters he describes what you need to know (in short) what you need to know about a Porsche 911. No, you won’t be an expert after reading this book. You’ll need much more than that, but consider it very a good start.  “Essential Buyer’s guide Porsche 911 (991) ” contains the essential information you can have in your pocket while you’re hunting the Porsche 911 of your dreams.

Worth the money, even though it is only a pocket-guide The package of good advice pays for itself since you’ll know more about running costs, paperwork and the valuation of the Porsche 911 of the 991 model range.

Veloce Publishing adds another great little book in their top selling series ‘The Essential Buyer’s Guide”‘.


Porsche 911 (991) Book Cover Porsche 911 (991)
Essential Buyers Guide
Adrian Streather
Veloce Publishing
April 21, 2020