The most important Porsches at the Retromobile Show in Paris.

Porsche 550-0143

Paris is a city that has plenty of tourist hotspots. Museum and art lovers get their fix at the Musée d’Orsay, the Louvre Museum, the Rodin Museum, or the Musée de l’Orangerie. And I could continue this list with dozens of other museums worth a visit. Once a year, you can add a temporary museum to the list. A museum in which you don’t know what the highlights will be. A museum that is not a museum, but a show. The name is Retromobile, a classic car show that never disappoints. And it is probably the best classic car show in the world.

Giving you a list of all the interesting cars that visitors could admire in this year’s edition of Retromobile would take us too long. The English dealer Girardo continued last year’s all-Ferrari theme, with a 1964 style Ferrari 250 GTO as a highlight. But for Paris, just a single GTO is simply not enough. Simon Kidston had another one, next to the only Aston Martin DB3S that was never raced in period and an insane Porsche 962C-inspired Schuppan 962CR (1 of 3). Lukas Hüni showed a Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic and a Ford GT40, that sat hidden in a garage for decades.

But our eyes were, obviously always looking for the rare Porsche gems. And ooh yes we did spot some, and will focus this article on giving more details on some of them. Let’s start with the London-based dealer Joe Macari, who had a Porsche 917-030 on the stand. This car started its career as a reference car, built after the Zeltweg race in 1970. It took part in the 1971 1000km at the Austria Ring with the duo Helmut Marko and Gérard Larousse at the wheel. IN 1971 Willy Kaushen did some test drives in this car. In 1974, Count Rossi bought the car and did all the necessary to make it road-legal. He even made the car more comfortable and better-looking by decorating the interior with beige leather. Nowadays the car is in the hands of a French collector, who loaned it to Joe Macari

Thiesen from Hamburg brought some 2 extra-ordinary Porsches. The first was a 1965 Porsche 906-012, a former works racing car. This example is one of just five works cars fitted from the factory with a six-cylinder engine and competed in both the 24 hours of Le Mans and the Nürburgring 1000 km in 1965.

The Porsche 550A Thiessen had for sale is a car with a fascinating story. It started its career in the hands of Christian ‘Bino’ Heins from Brazil. After racing the car in Europe, Heins shipped the spyder to Brazil. The car raced successfully up until 1967 when bought by Wilson and Emerson Fittipaldi. These brothers re-bodied the car into the ‘Fitti Porsche’ and raced it in the late 60s. It was restored to the 550A body back in 1995 and returned to Europe in 2016.

Fiskens is another high-end dealer, who knows how to draw the attention of people. The Porsche 908 and street-legal Porsche 911 GT1 certainly helped with that. The Porsche 908/02- Flunder Spyder is one of the most extensively raced examples of one of Porsche’s most successful sports racing cars of all time. In its inaugural season, chassis 908/02-018 was victorious with works pairing Jo Siffert and Brian Redman at the 1969 Watkins Glen 6 Hours. The car debuted at the 1969 Nurburgring 1000 km, chassis 18 was entered by the works team and raced by Rolf Stommelen and Hans Herrmann. 908/02-18 finished 2nd as part of the famous 1,2,3,4,5, factory sweep. 

The 1997 Porsche 911 GT1 Evo Fiskens offered for sale is 1 of only 9 factory-built ‘customer’ 911 GT1 race cars. Konrad Motorsports ran the car during the first half of the 1997 World FIA GT Championship in GT1-96 spec. Mid 1997 the car returned to Porsche Motorsport in Weissach to convert it to 1997 Evo specification. After that Konrad Motorsport sold the car to JB Racing (France) for the remainder of the 1997 season. For the 1998 season, the car was then acquired by Labre Competition (France) who used it for 3 races before retiring it from motorsport.

1967 Porsche 911R (Chassis #002R)

Rock n Roll Classics, a fairly unknown dealer from Belgium, brought an original and never-restored 1967 Porsche 911R to Paris. Only 20 cars ever left the factory, which makes this a rare one. What makes it even more interesting is that this particular chassis #002R served as a spare parts mule at the 1967 record run in Monza. In late December of that same year, this Porsche 911R appeared at Porsche’s Hockenheim press day wearing the plate S-04516. Vic Elford was on hand to demonstrate it to the throng of assembled journalists. In 2013 #002R went on loan to the Porsche Museum to be part of the 50-year 911 exhibition and on October 26th of the same year #002R was displayed at the museum for the Sound Night where its engine sound was much appreciated by the audience. In 2016, Porsche presented its new 991R at the Geneva Car Show whereby #002R was used for the 991R brochure as well as the videos to promote the old and new.

We realize these were not all important cars on display at the Retromobile Show in Paris this year. We started this article by naming some museums in Paris that are worth a visit. Just as naming all the artwork in a museum is impossible, it would be impossible to list all the interesting and fabulous cars in Paris. So we can only recommend one thing, make sure took grab a ticket for next year. We’re convinced you won’t return home disappionted

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