The Porsche Art book – Christophorus Edition

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Porsche has always been a brand that sparks the inspiration of artists. And artists have always had a strong connection with Porsche. Remember the fantastic artwork by Erich Strenger that illustrated the early Porsche sales brochures and literature, and Porsche Posters to remember important victories. Once we went through the “Porsche Art Book” by Uli Hack, we can assure you : there’s nothing new under the sun. The world really hasn’t changed.

Artists keep creating artwork inspired by the Porsche brand and more specific by the icon of Porsche, the Porsche 911.  The art is created worldwide by artists from all internationalities and cultures. However, despite that variety, there is one thing in common : the curves of a Porsche sportscar brings their imagination to live.  And that’s how their artwork is born.

Uli Hack, renowned painter of Formula 1 posters, compiled artwork from over 20 different artists into a new art book : “The Porsche Art Book”.  This book is not about the history of Porsche, neither about the history of Porsche. The artist have different nationalities, come from different parts of the world and have different culture. Just that proves that Porsche inspires people worldwide.  The artwork shown in the book is from the hand of contemporary artists like Wolf Gast, Nicolas Hunziker and Stephane Dufour to name just a few. 

Edwin Baaske, the author of “The Porsche Art Book” translates the artwork into some words to explain the inspiration of the artist and the result itself. The book comes in a slipcase and is a great way to spend some hours in your seat during a cold or wet evening. Consider the book as a tribute to all artists that are inspired by Porsche, and don’t take it too serious. It is a great coffee-table book.

Publisher : Delius-Klasing

The Porsche Art Book Book Cover The Porsche Art Book
Edwin Baaske
Delius Klasing
January 31, 2019
Hardcover in slipcase , 30.4 x 35.5 cm
248 pages with 192 pictures

Artists around the world are fascinated by the Porsche brand. Inspired by the aura of the models from Zuffenhausen, they create works of art that achieve five- and six-figure prices at auctions. The Porsche 911, as the icon of the brand, is often at the centre of the works. For the most part, the artists approach the object and its forms in a classical way, in oil or acrylic. Increasingly though, these artists are also designing contemporary digital art. The artists hail from all over the world - from urban and multi-cultural New York to the Scottish highlands, and the North German Plain. What all the artists have in common is that they use the charisma of the Porsche lines and curves to put it into a new context. Curated by the renowned painter and performance artist Uli Hack, the book shows a kaleidoscope of contemporary Porsche art. SELLING POINTS: * The first 'Porsche Art' book * Includes approximately 24 artists from around the world, such as Marcello Petisci, Wolf Gast, Nicolas Hunziker, Alina Knott, Uli Hack, Stephane Dufour, Tony Crampton, Dexter Brown, Yahn Janou and many more * Compiled by the well-known painter of the Formula 1 posters, Uli Hack * Opulent pictures in an impressive format 205 colour images