The Socal All Porsche Swap Meet at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim.

About 2 months ago, the last event we visited during our stay in California to visit the LA Lit and Toy show, was the SoCal Porsche Swap Meet. Place to be for the annual event is the Phoenix Club in Anaheim. This event is hosted by the 356Club and has become synonym with sheer Porsche fun in German style. The exhibitors can’t reserve a place, they’ll have to show up early and line up in the queue at 5 AM to have a spot.  Those that didn’t trust the weather, could reserve a spot in the ‘Festhalle’ in advance.  Visitors show up at sun rise at the gates of the Phoenix Club. And as soon as they go through the gates, they feel themselves like the kids a few miles away at Disneyland. The complete Phoenix Club has become one giant Porsche only park.


The Phoenix Club becomes a Porsche only park.

The soccer field in the back is no longer a soccer field. Now you see a huge Porsche corral, with dozens of Porsches parked one next to another. And that’s Porsche’s of all kinds. You can see the newest Porsche 992 that seemed to have just left the dealership next to a Porsche 356 from the mid fifties. And a SoCal Porsche Swap Meet without at least one Porsche 911 Reimagined by  Singer showing up. simply does not exist.  Part of what usually serves as parking lot for the Phoenix Club is now turned into a huge swap meet.  Fun thing about all this is that it’s all about Porsche.

Parts, cars, memorabilia, name it, and you might find it here. Many of the exhibitors of the LA Lit and Toy show on Saturday at the Hilton LAX show up again. However, quite some of them have now a larger spot to show their parts. And no worries if you can’t source the part you need. You’ll definitely catch up with some other Porsche fans to enjoy a German Bratwurst and beer. And we can’t imagine a better to way to finish the LA Lit and Toy Show weekend.

Picture gallery of the SoCal Porsche Swap Meet at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim

Pictures by Vintage Race Photography