Our visit to the LA Lit and Toy Show

37th edition of the LA Lit and Toy Show

The 37th edition of the LA Lit and Toy show turned out to be a succes again. We haven been visiting the Lit and Toy show for several years now. And we have this event only seen growing. However this year we had the impression there was a small decline in the number of visitors compared to the previous years. We even noticed some unoccupied tables in the giant ballrooms of the Hilton LAX hotel. Is this an indication in the decline of interest in literature and collectibles by the new generation of Porsche fans?  It is a fact that the average age of the Porsche fans visiting the show is rather high.

Jim Perrin showing a rare original Porsche poster.

And no doubt, the news about the spreading of the Coronavirus will have had its effect on the number of visitors. Our personal opinion is that the atmosphere at the LA Lit and Toy show is different since the show was taken over by Stoddard. Before that Prescot Kelly, Jim Perrin and Wayne Callaway gave a very personal touch to the show. A slight difference to what the show has become… a commercial product of a Porsche parts supplier.

Collecting literature, toys, and parts….

Thomas Andersen from Denmark with a wide choice of rare and early Porsche literature.

But let’s not be too negative. Because after all, this is the longest Porsche only literature and toy show in existence. And there are many reasons for that. Not only is this one of the places, next to the International Porsche Collectors day in Gelderland (Netherlands) and the Strähle Porsche Swap Meet in Fellbach (Germany) where collectors and fans from all over the world come together. You have to get up early to find the real gems. Early birds willing to pay a higher entrance fee are allowed earlier in the show. They swarm out in the rooms looking for treasures as soon as exhibitors start displaying their stuff. And as always, the best stuff is found early in the show. The first hour is probably the hour the collectors buy the best things to add to their collection. We added a Porsche 907 manual, and a Porsche 910 spare parts catalog to our collection, among other less rare stuff.

But there is more than collecting.. 

Gunner Mench, president of the Porsche Club on Big Island Hawaii, always ready to share stories of his father George Mench who was a personal friend of Ferry Porsche.

In the mean time, flocks of visitors start filling the hallway at the Hilton LAX, waiting for the show to open the doors. Once the doors open, the ballrooms start filling up. Immediately it is clear this is an event that is not only about collecting. This is about meeting people, catching up with folks that you haven’t seen since the previous edition of the Lit and Toy show. All over the place you see people shaking hands and swap stories.   People meet new people, change emails and phone numbers, and promise to stay in touch. And that’s what makes the LA lit and Toy so great to visit.. the feeling that you’re not the only one with a passion for Porsche. And that’s why we will be coming back year after year. Because we not only have a Love for Porsche, but a strong connection with Porsche fans all over the world too. 

The next edition of the LA Lit and Toy show will take place March 6th 2021 at the Hilton LAX. 

Picture gallery of the LA Lit and Toy Show