Waregem Oldtimer Show 2016

After the succesful inaugural edition of the Waregem Oldtimer Event in 2016, the road was paved for another edition. The concept remained the same. This is not the classic car show you want to visit when you want to find parts to complete your restoration. Nor is it a show where you can dig through piles of pieces or paperwork to score the holy grail for your collection. The exhibition is actually just the entrance, and the one hall of the venue. That’s it. But, don’t let this disappoint you. The entrance hall on it’s own was worth the visit, with dozens of enamel signs to decorate your garage. Old gas pumps, oil canisters, thermometers or classic workshop material was all the visitors noticed after entering, next to the Original Lancia Stratos that was for sale.
The entrace looks exactly the way a garage in the 50s or 60s looked like. Great, and an ideal place to find stuff to decorate your classic car garage or man cave.

In the main hall, the eye catchers for us were the yellow 1973 Porsche 911 RS that could change hand. Price unknown, but be assured that you had to dig deep in your pocket.  Quite some early Porsche 911s for sale at the same exhibitor, among them a 1974 Porsche 911 MFI Carrera. Not exactly the car you will encounter every day.  Seen the total number of cars at the Waregem Oldtimer Event, the Porsches outnumbered any other make. Probably one of the gems at the show, was the red low-mileage Porsche 911 Speedster. Rare but not for the faint of heart when it comes to the price.  Not all of the cars were the same quality, but when you’re looking for a reasonable priced car, you can’t expect the top of the notch cars ofcourse.

Waregem Oldtimer Event 2016

Pictures : Vintage Race Photography

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