Photographer Wilfried Geerts went to the Ypres Rally and came back with some great action pictures. In the Ypres rally there is both a Historic part and a modern part. On the next pages we present you a picture gallery of each of them.

The Ypres Historic Rally exisst since 1993, an edition won by  Geoffrey Crabtree in a  Porsche 911.  The rally grew and became one of the major European Historic Rallies. That forced the organization to leave Ypres Centrum as they could not handle the number of cars and visitors anymore. In 2018 however the Ypres Historic Rally returned to the roots.

In the Ypres Rally, where the modern cars compete, everybody had to bow heads for Thiery Neuville who wo 15 of the 23 stages. Patrick Snijers dominated the RGT-N with the Porsches, but had a problem with the clutch at the end of the race. Due to this mechanical issue , Claudeie Thange could grab the victory. Christ van Woensel was 3rd. 

Picture Gallery Ypres Historic Rally

Pictures : Wilfried Geerts

Porsches at Ypres Historic Rally 2018

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