Porsche Posters

Over the past decades, Porsche posters found their way from the walls in the dealerships to elegant poster galleries and well-known auction houses. Collectors from all over the world increasingly value original posters. Not only as an eye-catcher but also as a long-term investment. The early posters printed by Porsche were mainly posters showing the sportive successes of the marque at races all over the world.  From Sebring to Daytona, from the Nürburgring to Le Mans. And there’s virtually no race-track where Porsche has not achieved a victory in a race. 

Over the past few decades, Porsche racing cars have celebrated victory in thousands of races. The most important victories are commemorated on posters. From the early start, Porsche wanted to let the world know about their successes. And that’s why designers like Erich Strenger were ordered to design posters. They not only emphasized the importance of the victory. Implicitly the Porsche marketing department emphasized the reliability of the cars they delivered.

Meanwhile, some of the posters printed by Porsche have become true collector’s items. They fetch insane prices at auctions or when sold by renowned poster dealers. The posters depicted in the next gallery are just a preview of the hundreds of them Porsche ever produced.  Many of these posters can still be seen in exhibitions at the Porsche Museum. Recently the Petersen Automotive Museum had an exhibit “The Porsche Effect” where several posters were on display.

Porsche Posters Gallery

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