Norbert Singer (C) Porsche AG


Born : November 16 1939

Biography Norbert Singer

Norbert Singer, born in Eger (Czech Republic) on 16 November, 1939 and grew up in Wurzburg. After leaving school he studied mechanical engineering at the Technical College in Munich, specializing in the fields of aviation and space, apart from vehicle technology, on his way to his master’s. Even nowaydays Norbert Singer shows a great fascination for extra-terrestial science.Despite his strong interest in the space and aviation industry, Norbert Singer realized there would be hardly no chance to have a career in that industry in Germany. However, Germany had an automotive industry. And that’s when Norbert Singer learned to know about a position at the race department of Porsche, and took his chance. Good to know is that Norbert Singer was been offered an engineering job at another company.

During his introductory interview with Peter Falk, Norbert Singer let him know that he would like a short vacation to start in April or May. However, Peter Falk replied that by then the racing season would have started a few months earlier.  When approved , Peter Falk promised he would let Norbert Singer know in time that he could start March 1st. Time went by, but Norbert Singer didn’t hear from Porsche. Until March 2nd, when Norbert Singer’s father told him Porsche had called to ask where the new engineer was. They were simply forgotten to let Norbert Singer know he was hired.

Norbert Singer talking with Jacky Ickx
Norbert Singer talking with Jacky Ickx

Norbert Singer’s first job was working on the cooling of the brakes of the race cars. June 14 1970, Norbert Singer was a member of the Porsche team that won the Le Mans 24H for the 1st outright time. In 1972 he was given responsibility however: for the project of developing the Carrera RSR racing version into a top model. Thanks to the engineering engineering skills of Norbert Singer, Porsche experienced the golden seventies of GT racing with its 911 Turbo racing versions, with the Porsche 935 and open 936. The era of the Porsche 956/962 followed in the eighties with a decade full of unmatched success for the vehicle concepts of Norbert Singer. Norbert Singer is the absolute Le Mans 24H king among engineers. During his career he hardly missed one of the 24H endurance race, and had an influence in 16 outhright victories at the legendary Circuit de La Sarthe. His complete career, the working habitat of Norbert Singer, was the Porsche Research and development centre in Weissach

In 2003, Norbert Singer retired and was awarded with the ‘Spirit of Le Mans’ prize. That however, doesn’t mean Norbert Singer isn’t active any more. He’s a very regular guest at different events and he’s asked a lot as a speaker when some of his creations are present. In 2017 he was at the Porsche Classic Days Aachen, and the last few years he helped Willy Kaushen to get a Porsche 917 LH back on the track,  with the baptisme on the Le Mans Classic 2018.