50th anniversary celebration of 1st Porsche victory at Spa 24H

Wiping the windshield… manually

The duo Jean-Pierre Gaban / Noelle “Pedro” van Assche was having a fierce battle with the Italians Enrico  Pinto / Arnaldo Cavallari in the Alfa, changing the leading position a few times.  However, the battle seemed to be to heavy for the Alfa that couldn’t keep the oil temperature at at trustworthy level. About the same time, the Porsche 911 of Jean-Pierre Gaban / Noelle “Pedro” van Assche had electrical problems causing the windshield wipers to fail. Not exactly what you want, when the rains continues to fall from heaven.There seemed no way to repair the wipers in a decent way, and a clever mechanic quickly attached a string to the wiper so the drivers could operate them manually. This was not completely legal as the rules demand the wipers to be operated electrically. Jean-Pierre Gaban / Noelle “Pedro” van Assche manage to keep their pole position till the finish, with just half a lap of advantage to the Italian duo Enrico  Pinto / Arnaldo Cavallari. Luckily they didn’t object against the creative solution the Porsche mechanics used to repair the windshield wiper. The victory for the Porsche 911 of Jean-Pierre Gaban / Noelle “Pedro” van Assche was the very first overall victory for Porsche at the Spa 24H.

Gaban / Pedro Reunion Spa 24H 1967

Pictures Wilfried Geerts