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70 years is a long journey. The first words in the foreword by the author of the book “Porsche Milestones” tell exactly what the book is all about. In 2018, Porsche is celebrating it’s 70th anniversary. And that’s a unique  opportunity to bring some highlights in the history of Porsche to the attention of the reader. In these 70 years Porsche has not always taken the most conventional paths. However, many times the unconventional decisions made the difference between failure and succes. Porsche has had many failures, but that number is just a tiny spot on the huge amount of successes it experienced in these 70 years. 

Porsche Milestones is a book that brings the reader the milestones in Porsche history in a chronological order.  From the early beginning, June 8 1948 with the presentation of the Porsche “No 1” Roadster to the 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS. Even though many of you might consider Porsche Milestones as just another coffee table book, I am pretty sure many of the readers will discover some new things about Porsche history in the few words that accompany the large and great pictures. So yes it is a coffee table book. But I think it is more. Grab the book, open it on a random page, and you will see a great Porsche and read some history. 

The text with the pictures  in English / French / German.  This might be a good gift if you want to make a Porsche fan happy !!

Porsche Milestones Book Cover Porsche Milestones
Wilfried Müller
November 2018