The Porsche book – the best Porsche Images by Frank M. Orel


Frank M. Orel is a Stuttgart based photographer who combines his passion for photography to his passion for beauty. And is there a better way to do that in Stuttgart than bringing some of the most beautiful Porsches in your studio to take photographs of them. And that is exactly what Frank M. Orel has done. Numerous pictures of some of the most blistering Porsches have been taken. Only the best made it in the Porsche Book : the best Porsche images.

The book has just over 300 pages, and it won’t disappoint you when you start going through it. Whenever you are in the mood to see some great artwork, grab the book from your library, open it on a random page and enjoy the picture. Just don’t expect to learn more of the history of Porsche, as that is not what this book is about. A great coffee table book for those who look artistic photographs of some of the most photogenic cars ever built. Porsche

The Porsche Book The best Porsche Images Book Cover The Porsche Book The best Porsche Images
Frank M. Orel
May 6, 2016