California Porsche Restorations CPR Open House 2018

First open house of the LA Lit Show Weekend

Traditionally the Thursday before the Los Angeles Lit and Toy Show, California Porsche Restorations, better knowns as CPR, invites all Porsche enthusiasts to their premises in Fallbrook, California. Most of the people visiting the LA Lit and Toy Show reside in or near the LA Hilton LAX hotel and have approximately a 2 hour drive to do before they reach Fallbrook. For those that are not renting a car, you can join the tour bus provided by the LA Lit and Toy Show organization.

CPR is located in 2 spots in Fallbrook, on a walking distance from each other. Both are open to the public during the open house. First you have the shops where you can see the complete restoration process of the cars. It is amazing to see in what conditions cars come in at California Porsche Restorations, as you can see in our picture gallery on the last page. Can you imagine these cars would be restored like 15 years ago? Well, maybe for the Porsche 356 Speedster or a 4-cam Porsche 356. Rust buckets as you found them in the body shop of CPR definitely not.

CPR California Porsche Restorations 2018

However, CPR is doing a great job cutting out all the bad stuff, replacing it with new metal, and preparing the cars for a paint job. And all this is accessible to the public. The final result of the work of the CPR crew can be admired, and bought in the 2nd location somewhat further in the street.

I did not count the cars that were in the shop, but I guess it must have been close to 30 Porsches were waiting for a new customer. All models of Porsche 356, even though the majority of the cars were Porsche 911.  It was striking how many Porsche 911 T’s were at CPR. Probably the Porsche 911S’s are drying out after the boom in the market some years ago. And of course the next step is starting to restore the less powerful Porsche 911’s, that probably bring the new owner exactly the same driving fun.

There were some recent Porsche 911’s at California Porsche Restorations too. A magnificent low-mileage Porsche 911 50th anniversary, and a lightning fast Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0. We would like to thank the CPR crew in Fallbrook for the hospitality. We’ll be back next year.

Picture Gallery Open House California Porsche Restorations CPR 2018

Pictures by Vintage Race Photography