The Socal Porsche Swap Meet in the Phoenix Club in Anaheim is the last event in our series of articles of our visit to California last March. At the same time, it is the last event in the action-packed LA Lit and Toy show weekend.   When we left the Hilton LAX hotel for the45 minute drive South to Anaheim, it looked like there would not be too much Porsche fun at the Phoenix Club. The rain was pouring down, the roads were all wet. We imagined an empty place with only a few die-hards showing up in their Porsches. However, soon the clouds disappeared and a bright blue sky made a place for them. 

At the Phoenix Club, there was absolutely no rain or bad weather. On the contrary. The sun was shining, and dozens of Porsche’s made it to the lawn on the Phoenix Club Premises. It was a blast to see so many familiar faces again. The SoCal Porsche Swap Meet is more than just a car event. All over the place, you see Porsche fans socializing, getting in touch with old friends, and make new ones. It is fantastic to see how much effort people do to make it to the Socal Porsche Swap Meet in Anaheim. Not only the local Californian Porsche fans make it there. People from all over the USA, and even overseas are regular visitors for the closing event of the LA Lit and Toy Show. Last year,  the 3 Porsche’s recreated by Singer made the show. This year, a guy brought his Singer too. The car was delivered just the day before the show, so it was as new as a car can be. Fantastic, and stories like this make us come over and over again. Hope to see you in LA next year guys !!

Picture Gallery of the SoCal Porsche Swap Meet at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim