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Born : March 4 1922
Deceased : November 13 1973

Biography Richard von Frankenberg

RvF VictoryRichard Von Frankenberg was born March 4 1922 in Darmstadt (Germany) in a noble family. His mother was Irene-Konstanze von Brauchitsch. His father, Alex-Victor von Frankenberg und Ludwigsdorf was a writer. This probably explains his unequalled talent to write and to express thoughts and ways of thinking in words…

During his childhood Von Frankenberg went to school in Schloss Kirchberg near Lake Constance (the Germans call it the Boden See). Later he followed High School in Tubingen, near Stuttgart. Since his childhood von Frankenberg was intrested in cars and motorbikes. As he went to school he even had a small motorbike.

Though it is thougt that he got this motorbike not because of his intrest in technique, but rather of his fair health. After Richard von Frankenberg completed high school, it was a logical decision for him to go study Mechanical Engineering. Unfortunately, he had to interrupt the studies as the war broke out.

During the war, the family von Frankenberg crossed the North sea to get away from the violence and lived in England , where relatives of the family were living. The von Frankenbergs are related to the Oppenheims and the Brauchitschs which are famous and wealthy families in Germany.


In England von Frankenberg has set his first steps as a journalist , and that is what he continued to do after his return to Germany when the war came to an end. The combination of his interest in technique and the journalistic blood in his veins , made him get in touch with Porsche during the research he was doing while writing the book Porsche, der Weg eines Zeitalters, which was written under his pseudonym Herbert A. Quint.

The book was published in 1951 and is so far the is the oldest known book completely dedicated to Porsche. For many collectors of Porsche related literature, this is one of the rarest pieces in their library. Soon more Porsche activities followed. Von Frankenberg engaged himself to develop a Press and advertising department for Porsche. He designed the first Porsche brochures together with his friend Erich Strenger and the idea of publishing a magazine for the Porsche customers ensprouted from von Frankenbergs brain. The result was the still existing Porsche customer magazine Christophorus. And of course we should not forget his race-career.

Race Career

He was an official Porsche Team racer for 7 years. He drove 3 times the famous Mille Miglia race in Italy, set some records on his name in Montlhery and Monza and achieved victories in the 24hours of Le Mans

Richard von Frankenberg at the Avus 1955
Richard von Frankenberg at the Avus 1955

and in on the Nurburgring. In september 1951 he was a member of the Porsche Worldrecord Team, together with Peter Max Muller, Walter Glockler, Huschke von Hanstein and Herman Ramelow.

This team drove the 72 hour worldrecord on the Autodrom of Montlhery in a 1500 Porsche. At the 1956  Avus GP in Berlin, Richard von Frankenberg drove the Porsche prototype Typ 645. Unfortunately he was involved in a terrifying crash that he luckily survived. That accident was later nicknamed the Miracle of the Avus. In 1960 Richard von Frankenberg retired from the active race sport. He took up his habit of writing books, and worked as a independent journalist, tv reporter and quizmaster. But his love for cars never fainted.

He was one of the founding members of the Maybach club in Germany and in spring 1970 the oldtimermuseum Schloss Langenburg opened. This museum would have never existed without Richard von Frankenberg who was the inspiring power behind it.

November 13 1973, Richard von Frankenberg had a car accident at the German Highways and passed away at the age of 52. From 1952 until his death in 1973, von Frankenberg was the chief editor of the Porsche Christophorus Magazine.

Richard von Frankenberg’s personal life

Von Frankenberg maried 3 times. First wedding was august 30 1946 in Frankfurt am Main with Edit Maria Neumann. Two children were born in this marriage, son Donald and daughter Stephanie. Von Frankenberg and his wife divorced in Stuttgart, january 28 1960. May 24 1960 von Frankenberg married a second time. His spouse was Margarita Sofia (Roxa) Spohn, who unfortunately died april 12 1961 in Verona Italy. No children were born in this marriage. February 2 1962 in Krefeld Richard von Frankenberd married a 3rd time. Lucky person this time was Helga Elisabeth Brandenburg. In this marriage one son was born, Cypselus von Frankenberg, who started working as Chief of the Product Press department of Porsche and this way he makes the name von Frankenberg back alive in the Porsche factory.

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