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Das Renn-Kochbuch / The Racing Cook-book with Jürgen Barth & Rüdiger Mayer

Jürgen Barth has travelled around the world and visited numerous countries during his career as an active racer, mechanic for the Porsche Race Team. The visits in these countries were a unique opportunity for Jürgen Barth to learn to appreciate the local food and cuisine. It is generally known that Jürgen Barth is a very gifted racer, who won the 1977 24Hours of Le Mans in a Porsche 936, teaming up with Jacky Ickx and Hurley Haywood. Less known are the culinary skills of Jürgen Barth. 

Dass Renn-Kochbuch - Racing & Recipes : Salmon in foil Jurgen Barth - Rudiger Mayer
Jürgen barth in a Porsche 550 Spyder, checking out the Salmon and foil recipe

In ‘The Racing Cook-book, the authors Jürgen Barth and Rüdiger Mayer take us in a culinary trip around the world. No guys, this is not just an ordinary cookbook. Every single recipe takes us to a different race-track.  Jürgen Barth tells us some great stories about what he experienced at the track, during the race or in one of the numerous Porsche’s he drove on these circuits. And next to that, a recipe is presented, prepared with ingredients typical for the region of the country of that race-track.  A Jürgen Barth knows exactly how to handle both a race-car as cookware, with victories as a result.. Fast laps and spicy dishes.

Not only is the concept of the book completel new and unique, the quality of both text, recipes and pictures are superb too. This book is probably the best way to combine your passion for both food and Porsche. 

The book is available in both German and English and can be bought at Schnell mal Essen  

Schnell mal Essen - Racing & Recipes by Jürgen Barth & Rüdiger Mayer
Racing & Recipes

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Dass Renn-Kochbuch - Racing & Recipes Book Cover Dass Renn-Kochbuch - Racing & Recipes
Jürgen Barth - Rüdiger Mayer
oktober 2017
160pages with 180 pictures

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