2017 Open House California Porsche Restorations

The Los Angeles Porsche weekend traditionally takes off with the open house of California Porsche Restorations in Fallbrook. We traditionally have our base camp for the Porsche Weekend in the Hilton LAX. It takes approximately a 2 hour drive from through a scenic landscape to arrive Fallbrook. When the tourist in you pops up, you can even get of the highway to make a detour to Riverside to visit the Riverside Raceway Museum. Fallbrook is the capital of the avocado, as the road signs learn us. Not exactly a place where one would expect a Porsche restoration shop with a name and fame as California Porsche Restorations.

California Porsche Restorations has 2 premises in a small industrial area in Fallbrook. One is used as the actual restoration shop. The other is more like the warehouse where all the cars are shown to the public, ready to change owner.
Our visit started at the warehouse, where we were welcomed by at least 25 classic Porsches.

It’s a changing world. From 356 to 911

The cars California Porsche Restorations had on offer this year may have been somewhat less when it comes to rarity. Nevertheless, you won’t see often a collection of classic Porsches like this in one place. What immediately becomes clear, is that we are living in a changing world. Where a visit to Classic Porsche Restorations used to be like a visit to a Porsche 356 only world, their offer now seems to be more directed towards the early Porsche 911s.

In the workshops you could see cars in a detoriating condition, being transformed to drivers after a nut and bolt restoration taking many hundreds of hours. In the body shop we noticed a 1958 Porsche 356 Cabriolet, in such a condition that it might not even have been considered as a donor car 10 years ago. All by all maybe the cars were not as stunning or rare as the previous years, but nevertheless once a gain a fabulous displays of early Porsches. Can’t wait to see the selection in 2018.

2017 Open House California Porsche Restorations CPR

Pictures by Vintage Race Photography

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