One of the attractions during the Zolder 24h preparation and training days were 2 races of the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Benelux.For the 2nd time this year, the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge took place at a weekday instead of a weekend-day. Unfortunately the Belgian weather was not really good, and both races were held under wet conditions. In the first race, Peter Hoevenaars of the Belgium Racing Team was the fastest man of the track, followed by the dutch Max van Splunteren of the Land Motorsport team, 3rd position for Dylan Derdaele. The succes of the Belgium Racing team in the first racewas even bigger with the victory of Yannick Hoogaars in the AM Class.However, the 2nd race of the GT3 Cup Challenge couldn’t be more contradictory for them as Peter Hoevenaars had to abandon the race with technical problems. Xavier Maassen crossed the finish line in 1st position, followed by Van Splunteren and Derdaele. AM Class victory was for Yves Noel.

Next race in the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Benelex will take place September 21st at the Circuit Park Zandvoort.

Ofcourse this wasn’t the main attraction of the race weekend at Zolder-Terlaemen. 25.000 visitors witnessed a very succesful 37th edition, with 61 cars and 256 pilots at the start. After some disappointing years with very few participants, it looks like the race-teams found their way back to the Zolder race-track. 4 cars continuously changed positions, among them the Porsche 991 of the Belgian Racing Team (Dylan Derdaele, Kenneth Heyer, Peter Hoevenaars and Marc Goossens)

During the night, lady luck seemed to be with the Porsche 991, as one of the main competitors had some technical issues. The Porsche switched to 1st position to never give it away again. Marc Goossens achieved a 5th victory in the Zolder 24hours, making him a very lucky man, together with his team-fellows.

Text : Tim Havermans
Pictures : Wilfried Geerts