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The AvD Oldtimer GP at the legendary Nürburgring is an event that’s considered not to be missed by many vintage car enthusiasts.Quite logically seen the diversity of the different race-grids, and the cars that enter this 3day event. To name just a few : Revival of the Deutsche Rennsport-Meistershaftwith the famous Group 5 cars, like the Porsche 935 or BMW M1 Turbo’s among them, the FIA Masters Historic Sports Car Championship with Lola’s, Ford GT4 or the

Armin Zumtobel / Walter Rohrl / Porsche 911
Armin Zumtobel / Walter Rohrl / Porsche 911

Porsche 906 Carrera 6 as iconic cars that enter this series. The F1 series from the early sixties, an era where guys like Phil Hill, Graham Hill and Jim Clarck ran the curvy Nordschleife, the era too where it got it’s nickname ‘The green hell’ by Jacky Stewart. A very interesting series is the 2seater racers and GT’s till 1960/1961 withsome extremely rare and beautifull cars entered, like a Porsche 550 Spyder, a Porsche 718 RSK, or the Maserati 300S , Tipo 61 Maserati birdcage and the Ferrare 250GT SWB Breadvan as some examples.

AvD Historic Marathon

Since over 20 years, the 1st day of The AvD Oldtimer GP is dominated by both training and race of the AvD Historic Marathon and the Nürburgring Trophy. It is the only day the famous 23km longNordschleife is used as race-track. There is some training going on at the F1 circuit, but most spectators are keen to witness the spectacle at the Nordschleife. And spectacle is what they got, despite a far smaller field at the start compared to 2013. The Marathon is a 4hour race, making it necessary to the teams to do pitstops for fuel, or pilot change. After about 2 hour race, the rain was so heavy the race was red-flagged because it became way to dangerous. The race was restarted for the last 40 minutes, Marcus von Oeynhausen und Frank Stippler won the race in a Jaguar E-Type , preceding Jason Wright and Michael Gans in a Ford GT 40. The immer present Armin Zumtobel had Walter Rohrl once again as co-pilot and they managed to drive the 1965 2.0ltr Porsche 911 to 3rd place, beating much more powerfull cars what makes it an even bigger succes for the duo that probably brings the most spectacle and show to the Nordschleife as they always race their car as if they go beyond the limits.

Saturday and Sunday at the F1 race track

Saturday started with a shower, but afterwards, it wasn’t too bad at all.In the afternoon the Fia Masters Historic Sports Car Championship attracted my attention as it had the 908 look alike KWM Porsche, the Peter Iversen Porsche 906 or it’s twin Porsche 910. Another great race for Porsche enthusiasts is the Gentlemens Drivers where you could admire the early Porsches 911 and the stunning Porsches 904.

Mark Bates / Porsche 911 RSR
Mark Bates / Porsche 911 RSR

The highlights for many are the races Revival of the Deutsche Rennsportmeistershaft, and the nightrace of the 2seaters till 1960/1961. Quite a difference to first witness the raw power of the Porsche 935 , Porsche RSR’s and BMW M1s spitting flames from time to time, afterwards admiring the sheer beauty of the 2 seaters like the Porsche 550 Spyder or Porsche RSK. It is an absolutely stunning sight to see the latter race at night.

Sunday, the fun continues with races of all the series. The 3day event attracted over 600 cars and had about 50.000 spectators, making The AvD Oldtimer GP one of the biggest events of its kind.

Pictures by Vintage Race Photography

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