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Last year, Bart Kuykens published the coffee table book ‘A FLAT 6 LOVE AFFAIR‘. Now the next volume is available. Again Bart Kuykens managed to combine his 2 passions into a arty masterpiece. Bart traveled all over Europe to find folks that have one thing in common : an unbelievable love for Porsche. People who think Porsche, breath Porsche and live Porsche. Exactly as the author. The forewords are by Matt Hummel, John Benton and Luc Donderwolcke.

No matter whether the subjects passion was for the Porsche 911, the earlier Porsche 356 or even the miniatures of the Zuffenhausen cars, they are all pictured in a way you don’t need to write down dozens of words to express what the picture is all about. The passion drips off the photos. All pictures are classy , black and white and stunningly beautiful. I am pretty sure the author will have plenty of volunteers to be part of the next edition of A FLAT 6 LOVE AFFAIR, that is planned for next year. But for now, go get it before it is sold out and enjoy it. Pure class !!


Author : Bart Kuykens
Publisher : www.bartkuykens.com
Language : English
Pages : 336 pages
Limited edition : 911 copies (numbered and signed)


A Flat 6 Love Affair Book Cover A Flat 6 Love Affair
Bart Kuykens
Art & Photography
Bart Kuykens