Fast alles über Porsche

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“Fast alles über Porsche”, translated to english that is “Almost everything about Porsche”. That’s the title of the book by Jürgen Pander. And despite the small format of the book, the author manages to bring a huge lot of information to the reader. The author, Jürgen Pander, is an automotive journalist and expert of the automotive industry. His first book was named ‘Fast alles über autos’ (Almost everything about cars). This book follows the same concept, but now the subject is more particular : Porsche. 

Jürgen Pander tells a whole lot of the history of Porsche.  Ofcourse the main persons and locations in the history of Porsche have their own ‘chapters’.  Ferdinand Porsche, Zell am See, Weissach… that’s just a few of the topics covererd.  There is also the people that live Porsche, and put their shoulders under clubs like the Porsche Model Club Europe. Even though you could start reading the book from page 1, you might as well open the book on any page you want. Each story is short and clear, and is in the majority of the stories not longer than a page. The main persons and locations in the history of Porsche have their own ‘chapters’. And even though you think you know everything about your favourite car, I’m convinced there are at least some stories that will reveal some novelties to you. 

Some of the stories are illustrated with a black/white picture. The paper is not the best quality, and there is not that much invested in layout. But the price is set accordingly. For just under 15 euro, we can only call “Fast alles über Porsche”  a good addition to your library. A downside is that the book is, so far, only available in German

Fast alles über Porsche Book Cover Fast alles über Porsche
Jürgen Pander
Delius Klasing
October 10, 2019
192 pages and 63 pictures / illustrations