The title really reflects what it is all about.
The Porsche 917 is without any doubt one of the cars that lives in the mind of any true race fan.

This book documents the complete history of the Porsche 917, from the early development to the races it was used in. The authors, Jörg-Thomas Födisch, Jost Nesshöver, Rainer Rossbach and Harold Schwarz talked with designers, engineers , drivers, technicians and team managers to make this book what is is, the most complete documentation one can find on the Porsche 917. Compared to the 1st edition of the book, this book has 24 extra pages with new chapters, new pictures and new background stories.

The complete history of the Porsche 917 is told in 264 pages divided in 25 chapters.The book is 30cm x 32cm. All text is both in German and English and it has 195 color and 154 black & white pictures, many of them never published before.

* Passion and the art of engineering
* Plastic outside, high-tech inside
* A second life : the 917/10 in Can-Am and Interserie
* Helmut Flegl – We took to many risks
* Herbert Linge – We thought the other cars on the track were standing still
* Kurt Ahrens – Victory at Zeltweg, crash at Ehra-Lessin
* Vic Elford – It was fishtailing like a rally-car
* International Championship for Makes 1969
* Norbert Singer – It was simply a dream for a young engineer
* International Championship for Makes 1970
* Hans Herrmann – It was a horrible car
* Rudi Lins – A dominant car
* International Championship for Makes 1971
* Hans-Dieter Dechent – You know, a race car just has to be white
* Gijs van Lennep – As slow as possible, as fast as necessary
* Richard Attwood – Wild animals they were
* Briand Redman – Finaly we had a race car
* Jackie Oliver – It was like a baptism of fire
* Derek Bell – The Porsche was a revelation
* Willi Kauhsen – You guys must be mad
* The 917 in Can-Am
* “Big Bangers” in Europe
* David Piper – Frankly it looked a bit of a monster
* Participations / Results
* Drivers


Author : Jörg-Thomas Födisch, Jost Nesshöver, Rainer Rossbach and Harold Schwarz
Publisher : Klein Reinhard Verlag
Language : German
Pages : 264 pages / 350pictures
ISBN : 978-3927458383

Porsche 917 Book Cover Porsche 917
Jörg-Thomas Födisch
McKlein Publishing