Curves Deutschland Südosten / Germany Southeast – Soulful Driving from Bavaria to Saxony

Curves Germany Southeast

Introducing the Curves books to you is probably like kicking an open door. Absolutely useless. We’ve talked about Curves in previous book reviews. The latest addition to the Curves series is ‘Curves Deutschland Südosten / Germany Southeast’. This time the book brings you on a road trip from Bavaria to Saxony.

In 5 stages, photographer Stefan Bogner takes you on the road. You will trace the green border of Eastern Germany from Bavaria to Saxony, passing from Free State to Free State through the Bavarian Forest and Thuringia, through the Fichtelgebirge and Erzgebirge regions. From the Isar to the Elbe. And as always, it is less important where the journey will bring you. The most important is how.

The 5 stages described in ‘Curves Germany Southeast – From Bavaria to Saxony’ are illustrated by great pictures of Stefan Bogner. An easily readable text accompanies the pictures and documents the trip through Eastern Germany too as a fascinating melange of an illustrated book and travel report. And you won’t miss Bogner’s trademark. Once again he shows the most beautiful curves from overwhelming perspectives. 

A car journey, a motorbike tour, or a roadtrip in your mind: Buckle up and find the best travel advice for Germany’s Southeast! And don’t forget about the last stage of the book : a visit to Porsche Leipzig.

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CURVES Deutschland Südosten / Germany Southeast Book Cover CURVES Deutschland Südosten / Germany Southeast
Stefan Bogner
Delius Klasing
December 9, 2022
288 pages
334 pictures
German / English