Ferdinand Porsche - Genesis of a Genius

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Strasse, Rennen und Luftfahrtinnovationen 1900 bis 1933

One could think, once again a book with the story of how Porsche became from nothing to what is is now… Well , that’s not correct. On the contrary. This book is written by one of the most knowledgeable authors on the subject, Karl Ludvigsen. Everyone who owns a good Porsche library should have at least a copy of the famous ‘Excellence was expected’ by the same author.

This book tells in never seen before detail the story of Ferdinand Porsche, the founder of what finally became Porsche AG as it is now. As the subtitle shows, Ferdinand Porsche wasn’t only designing true sportscars, as the Porsches are nowadays, he felt himself at ease in every technical aspect, whether is was to design cars, motorsport , airplane engines and so on.

Actualy, the title describes what the engineer Ferdinand Porsche really was, a genius. Both words, engineer and genius derive from the same word in the ancient latin language. In many cases , the 2 aren’t combined in one person as many genius weren’t engineer at all. Ferdinand Porsche combined the 2 in a astonishing way.

Anyone who’s only a little bit intrested in Porsches, should now about the founder, and his technical achievements long time before even the first Porsche was build.. and there’s no better way to find out and learn all about him than by buying this book , read it, look at the pictures, and admire the person for what he achieved.

I can only say.. don’t miss this one, it’s once again a masterpiece by Karl Ludvigsen that you really want to have !!


Author : Karl Ludvigsen
Publisher : www.delius-klasing.de
Language : German
Pages : 488 pages, 468 b/w pictures, 103 b/w drawings, 5 maps and 7 full color flapouts
ISBN : 978-3-7688-3188-8

Ferdinand Porsche - Genesis des Genies Book Cover Ferdinand Porsche - Genesis des Genies
Karl Ludvigsen
Biography & Autobiography
Delius Klasing