Ferry Porsche


Birthday : 1909-09-19
Deceased : 1998-03-27

Biography Ferry Porsche

Ferdinand Anton Ernst Porsche, commonly known Ferry Porsche, was an Austrian technical automobile designer and industrial. He operated Porsche AG in Stuttgart, Germany. His father, Ferdinand Porsche, Sr. was also a renowned automobile engineer and founder of Volkswagen and Porsche. His nephew, Dr. Ferdinand Piëch, is the longtime chairman of Volkswagen Group. Ferry Porsche can be seen as the father of the Porsche 356. His son, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, better known as Butzi Porsche,was involved in the design of the 911 and the legendary Porsche 904.

Ferry Porsche in chis childhood
Ferry Porsche in chis childhood

Ferry Porsche’s life was intimately connected with that of his father, Ferdinand Porsche, Sr., who began sharing his knowledge of mechanical engineering already in his childhood. With his father he opened a bureau of automobile design, in Stuttgart in 1931.

They worked together to fulfill their country’s National Socialist regime’s needs and they met Adolf Hitler at many business events. The Volkswagen Beetle was designed by Ferdinand Porsche, Sr. and a team of engineers, including Ferry Porsche.



After World War II, while his father remained imprisoned in France, being accused of war crimes, Ferry took over the management of the business. Ferry was actually released from prison in order to collect ransom to buy out his father. Luckily Italian Piero Dusio of Cisitalia racing car company ordered a racing car from Ferry, the famous Cisitalia car. That car never made it to the track because of financial problems of Piero Dusio, but the funds raised by the design of the car meant a whole lot for the financial wellbeing of the company.

Porsche Typ 360 "Cisitalia"; 1947
Porsche Typ 360 “Cisitalia”; 1947 (c) Porsche AG


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