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The Porsche 917 is one of the most iconic and successful race cars of all time. A car that dominated the race tracks in 1970 and 1971 with 2 World sportier Championship titles as a result. Many books haven been written about the Porsche 917. One could think everything was already put on paper. However, in “Gulf 917” Jay Gillotti brings a story that was never told before in so much detail. The story about the Porsche 917s racing in the well-known Gulf livery of the John Wyer Automotive Engineering Team.

The co-operation between Porsche and the John Wyer team, backed up by the Gulf oil company was a bull’s eye shot. The development of the Porsche 917 was a huge undertaking  that affected the further development of the Porsche 911. In the deal with John Wyer Automotive it was stipulated that Porsche would deliver 2 cars and 2 drivers ( Jo Siffert and Brian Redman). John Wyer took charge of all the rest (hotels, racing, travels…). This way the deal accomplished by Ferry Porsche in person assured the further development of the Porsche 911 and both the Le Mans 24H and Sportscar World Championships titles were  won in the 2 years before the regulations changed.

Gulf 917 table of contents (c) www.daltonwatson.com
Gulf 917 table of contents (c) www.daltonwatson.com

The book  “Gulf 917” starts with the early history of Porsche, a short chapter not telling anything unknown for most readers.  But then it continuous with the development and design of the Porsche 906 and Porsche 910. Both sportscar can be seen as the predecessors of the Porsche 917. One chapter is dedicated to the John Wyer team , while it was still a strong opponent of the Porsche Racing Team, mainly racing the Ford GT40s.  The story continues with a detailed description of every single chassis of the Porsche 917 racing with the Gulf livery.

 Gulf 917 by Jay Gillotti contains of scans of original race data sheets (c) www.daltonwatson.com
Gulf 917 by Jay Gillotti contains of scans of original race data sheets (c) www.daltonwatson.com

The author Jay Gillotti had acces to both the Porsche Archives and the archives of former JWAE chief engineer John Horsman. This makes it possible for the author to publish scans of original race data sheets revealing information that is often kept hidden from the public.

Next to numerous pictures, many of them rarely published before, the reader finds profiles of the racing legends that used to be at the wheel of the Gulf 917 ( Jo Siffert, Brian Redman, Leo Kinnunen, Derek Bell, Jackie Oliver, Pedro Rodriguez) .

This review is based on the regular edition of “Gulf 917”. However, there is a special publisher’s edition available. The special publisher’s edition has an extra volume of 152 pages with 160 extra pictures and scans of all original race data sheets of the different Gulf 917’s. The special publisher’s edition comes in a 

Both the regular and special publisher’s edition are available from www.daltonwatson.com


  • 230mm x 280mm
  • Regular Edition plus bonus material including additional 160 pages & 170 images in a two volume slip-cased set
  • 200 signed and numbered copies (signed by Derek Bell, Brian Redman, John Horsman and Jay Gillotti)
  • VOL 1: 496 pages, 460 images, hardcover with dust jacket
  • VOL 2: 152 pages, 160 images, hardcover with dust jacket
  • PRICE: $350.00


  • 230mm x 280mm
  • Page count: 496
  • Images count: 460
  • Single volume, hardcover with dust jacket
  • PRICE: $150.00
Gulf 917 Book Cover Gulf 917
Jay Gillotti
David Watson
October 2018
Hardcover with slipcase