Born : June 2 1956

Biography Jan Lammers

Jan Lammers was born in Zandvoort, the Netherlands and grew up with the sounds of racing cars due to the presence of the Zandvoort Racing Track in the dunes close to his home. Jan Lammers started working in the drifting school in Zandvoort washing cars as a young kid. Rob Slotemaker, a known dutch racing driver and the owner of the drifting school, allowed Jan Lammers to start showing to customers how to drift a car in a safe way. Jan Lammers was only 12 at that time, and as soon as Rob Slotemaker noticed the talent of the young Jan Lammers, he encouraged him to pursue a career in motorsports. The first race of Jan Lammers was at the age of 16, ofcourse in Zandvoort. Later Jan Lammers moved to the Dutch touring car championship and Formula Ford races before moving up to European Formula 3 in 1977. 

In 1979 Jan Lammers moved up to the highest one can achieve in motorsports and started racing in F1 with Shadow. His teammate was Elio de Angelis.  The highlight of the F1 career of Jan Lammers was a 4th place in Long Beach qualifying in 1980.  In 1988, Jan Lammers, together with Andy Wallace and Johnny Dumfries, won the Le Mans 24 Hours with the Silk Cut Jaguar/TWR team. Lammers drove 13 out of the 24 hours, and beat the Porsche team who had remained unbeaten since 1981. Jan Lammers and the team managed to finish first despite a broken gearbox. It was the first victory for Jaguar since 1957.

Jan Lammers and Porsche

In the mid-eighties, Jan Lammers drove a Porsche 965 and Porsche 962 in the toughest endurance race of the world : the Le Mans 24H and the Daytona 24H. In 2007, Jan Lammers starts at the wheel of a Porsche RS Spyder in the Le Mans Series, for the Swiss Horag Racing Team. In his personal life, Jan Lammers is a fan of Porsche too. In 2011, he takes delivery of his personal Porsche Cayman R at the Porsche Center Eindhoven. In 2017, Jan Lammers can fulfill a childhood dream when he takes the wheel of a Porsche 917 for some demo laps at the Zandvoort Historic GP.


For this amazing exploits, Jan Lammers received the title Honorary Member of the BRDC, a title rarely awarded to non-British residents. Famous names that also received this award are Enzo Ferrari and Juan Manuel Fangio. In 1990 Lammers won the 24 Hours of Daytona driving a Jaguar XJR-12 along with Davy Jones and Andy Wallace.

24 Hours of Le Mans Results

Year Team Co-Drivers Car Class Laps Pos. Class
1983 Canon Racing
GTi Engineering
Jonathan Palmer
Richard Lloyd
Porsche 956 C 339 8th 8th
1984 GTi Engineering Jonathan Palmer Porsche 956 C1 239 DNF DNF
1987 Silk Cut Jaguar
Tom Walkinshaw Racing
Eddie Cheever
Raul Boesel
Jaguar XJR-8LM C1 325 5th 5th
1988 Silk Cut Jaguar
Tom Walkinshaw Racing
Johnny Dumfries
Andy Wallace
Jaguar XJR-9LM C1 394 1st 1st
1989 Silk Cut Jaguar
Tom Walkinshaw Racing
Patrick Tambay
Andrew Gilbert-Scott
Jaguar XJR-9LM C1 380 4th 4th
1990 Silk Cut Jaguar
Tom Walkinshaw Racing
Andy Wallace
Franz Konrad
Jaguar XJR-12 C1 355 2nd 2nd
1992 Toyota Team Tom’s Andy Wallace
Teo Fabi
Toyota TS010 C1 331 8th 5th
1993 Toyota Team Tom’s Geoff Lees
Juan Manuel Fangio II
Toyota TS010 C1 353 8th 5th
1996 Courage Compétition Mario Andretti
Derek Warwick
Courage C36-Porsche LMP1 315 13th 3rd
1997 GT1 Lotus Racing Mike Hezemans
Alexander Grau
Lotus Elise GT1 GT1 121 DNF DNF
1998 Nissan Motorsports
Érik Comas
Andrea Montermini
Nissan R390 GT1 GT1 342 6th 6th
1999 Konrad Motorsport
Talkline Racing for Holland
Peter Kox
Tom Coronel
Lola B98/10-Ford LMP 213 DNF DNF
2000 Konrad Motorsport
Racing for Holland
Tom Coronel
Peter Kox
Lola B2K/10-Ford LMP900 38 DNF DNF
2001 Racing for Holland Donny Crevels
Val Hillebrand
Dome S101-Judd LMP900 156 DNF DNF
2002 Racing for Holland Tom Coronel
Val Hillebrand
Dome S101-Judd LMP900 351 9th 8th
2003 Racing for Holland John Bosch
Andy Wallace
Dome S101-Judd LMP900 360 6th 4th
2004 Racing for Holland Chris Dyson
Katsutomo Kaneishi
Dome S101-Judd LMP1 341 7th 6th
2005 Racing for Holland Elton Julian
John Bosch
Dome S101-Judd LMP1 346 7th 5th
2006 Racing for Holland Alex Yoong
Stefan Johansson
Dome S101Hb-Judd LMP1 182 DNF DNF
2007 Racing for Holland Jeroen Bleekemolen
David Hart
Dome S101.5-Judd LMP1 305 25th 8th
2008 Charouz Racing System
Team Cytosport
Greg Pickett
Klaus Graf
Lola B07/17-Judd LMP1 146 DNF DNF
2011 Hope Racing Steve Zacchia
Casper Elgaard
Oreca 01-Swiss HyTech LMP1 115 DNF DNF

24 Hours of Daytona Results