Willhoit Restorations Open House 2014

Willhoit Open HouseAt the weekend the famous LA literature and toy show is going on, as usual there’s quite some dealers and restorers that want to pick their grain of the thousandsnof Porsche enthsiasts that strike down in the LA area. Is there a better way than opening your doors to the public and show them your work.

One of the restorers that understands both the art of spoiling its visitors and customers is John Willhoit Restorations in Long Beach. Over the years Willhoit has built a reputation. Not only is he delivering top of the notch restoration work as it comed to originality. Whenever a customer wants it, he’ll build a car to his needs.

Some great examples of both statements could be seen at his shop once again. A stunning Porsche 356 Carrera 2 that just a few days after the open house would leave to compete in the Dana Point Concours d’elegance. We’re really anxious to know more about the results this car will achieve. There was a 53 sunroof coupe built as an outlaw and tribute car to the Le Mans class winning Gmund SL too. Just one question with that car, was the sunroof aftermarket or not? Were there any original sunroof coupes in 1953? I heard rumours that it was only mid 1954 that the factory delivered sunroof equipped cars. A question open to discussion, please feel free to send me your thoughts or our Facebook page so we can learn all.

Too bad the southern Californian weather gods were not with us. A cloudy and rainy day was without any doubt the only reason less people showed up with their vintage Porsche, but nevertheless the great atmosphere, the friendship and collegiality between the people sharing the same passion made the openhouse another great succes.

Thanks to John Willhoit and his complete team for the hospitality and an unforgettable time once again.