Gordon Maltby, the author of the most recent book about the Porsche 356, is without any doubt familiar to all 356 and Spyder fans. Over 2 decades, Maltby edited the Porsche 356 Registry magazine. You can imagine the huge knowledge he gathered doing so. In 1948, the first car bearing the name Porsche on the bonnet was created. We are now 75 years later, an ideal occasion for Gordon Maltby to share his knowledge in a brand new book “Porsche 356 – the 75th anniversary”.

Most of you know, that even before the first Porsche was born,  Ferdinand Porsche was active in the automotive world. So a book about 75 years of Porsche 356 cannot start without a few words telling more about that part of the history. Maltby continues with a chapter about Porsche’s history in Gmünd and continues with the return to Zuffenhausen Stuttgart after World War II. 

Separate chapters are dedicated to the Porsche 356 Speedster, the Porsche 356 A, the Porsche 356 B, and competion Porsches like the Porsche 550 Spyder, the Porsche 718, and even the Porsche 804 F1. And some of you may be surprised to see that Porsche even made tractors. 

The title of the book “Porsche 356 – the 75th Anniversary” creates the expectation that Porsche 356 is the only subject of the book. However, it is much more. then another dry summary of the different Porsche 356 models. Gordon Maltby knows how to keep the attention of the reader. He does so not only by providing great information in a clear way. With hundreds of pictures and illustrations, he grabs the attention of the reader and holds it, from the first page to the last. 

Even though you thought you knew all about the early years of Porsche, we are convinced you’ll find some things you didn’t know. And for sure, many of the pictures will be unfamiliar to you. No doubt, this is a book you want to have in your library.

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Porsche 356 - 75th anniversary Book Cover Porsche 356 - 75th anniversary
Gordon Maltby
Motorbooks International
April 11, 2023

Porsche’s first car, the 356, entered the market in 1948 and celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2023. Porsche 356: 75th Anniversary celebrates this iconic sports car that launched one of the greatest brands in automotive history.