Porsche 911 Type 993 – the detailed guide 1993 – 1998

The 993 Series of the Porsche 911 has always been a series with high interest from Porsche 911 enthusiasts. Hard to imagine the model has introduced about 30 years ago now. Among Porsche classic car fans, the 993 has become a car scoring high on many bullet-lists. The car is known for its reliability. But not every Porsche 993 is suited to comply with everyone’s demands. And that’s exactly where this book “Porsche 911 type 993 – the detailed guide 1993-1998” by Laurant Pennequin can chime in.

The Detailed Guide to the Porsche 911 type 993
Changes during production – Timeline (picture courtesy Auto Forever)

The author covers the complete history of the 993 model series in 11 chapters covering about 165 pages. The rest of the books are appendices containing a list of option codes, the obligate acknowledgments and glossary, and so on. It is amazing to see how much detail the book contains. It starts with the background, design, and history of the model, a chapter that doesn’t really contain previously unknown information to me. But starting from the 2nd chapter of  “Porsche 911 type 993 – the detailed guide 1993-1998”, it truly grabs my attention. 

The different versions of the 993 model series (Picture courtesy Auto Forever)

The next chapters give so much information on the Porsche 993 model series, that one could easily say “Porsche 911 type 993 – the detailed guide” is a reference guide to this model series. It is extremely comprehensive and rich with pictures, to clarify the text.  There’s no chitchatting or whatever, the book is about the facts. And that’s what you will get: 180 pages to be precise.

The chapters

  1. Background, design, and history
  2. Changes during the production: timeline
  3. The different versions
  4. Sales and production statistics
  5. Detailed presentation
    1. Bodywork and Dimensions
    2. Technical Specifications
    3. Technical innovations
    4. List of engines available
    5. Standard equipment, options, and accessories
    6. Road and Steering Wheels
    7. Paint and trim: colours and materials
  6. Career in Motorsport
  7. Spin-offs from the model
  8. Strengths and weaknesses
  9. Identification, maintenance, and things to look out for
  10. Road test figures and competitors at the time
  11. Owner’s accounts
  12. List of option codes
  13. Acknowledgments, sources of information, and glossary


Porsche 993 detailed guide auto forever“Porsche 911 type 993 – the detailed guide” is a book that should be in the library of any Porsche 993 enthusiast. No matter whether you are looking for a car, restoring one to factory specs, or the owner of a pristine car,  you’ll have fun reading the book. It might help you choose the right Porsche 993 for you. And it will chime in when you need help on the restoration of your car when necessary. We were surprised to see how much useful information can be given in a book of this size. The author, Laurent Pennequin, wrote down all the text in a way it is easily readable. And with a price of 59.00€, the publisher allows Porsche fans to add a fantastic source of information on the Porsche 993 model series to their library. Go get it, only 1000 copies will be printed. Click the link to order your copy directly from the publisher.

Porsche 911 Type 993 Book Cover Porsche 911 Type 993
Laurent Pennequin
Auto Forever
Hard Cover
180 pages
368 photos and illustrations