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There’s no doubt about it. This belongs to the best books ever published on the legendary Porsche 917. The author, Walter Näher, was an engineer at Porsche when Ferdinand Piëch wanted the engineers to build a race car that would wipe away the competition. And that’s exactly what the crew did. Walter Näher was working in the team of engineers that build the Porsche 917 from scratch. He knows all the details of the development process because he was part of it. Nevertheless he spent numerous hours in the Porsche Archives to go through thousands and thousands of pages of documentation. He interviewed colleagues from back then. Walter Näher talked with the drivers that raced the car.

The effort of this study is this tremendous book, with a detailed history of the development process of the different types of the Porsche 917. Next to that, there’s a complete history on each chassis number of the Porsche 917.  No doubt, just go buy it. It’s not often that you see that much information and pictures from first hand. Must Have.


Author : Walter Näher
Publisher :
Language : German
Pages : 576
ISBN : 978-3-7688-2651-8 / 978-3768838375

Porsche 917 (engl.) Book Cover Porsche 917 (engl.)
Walter Näher
Delius Klasing

The ultimate book about the Porsche 917 - documents detailed descriptions of developments and test drives and also includes race reports.