Calendars 2023

It is the time of the year that people start reflecting on the past year. And that involves thinking about the next year too. We live in uncertain times.  Some of the most used words in newspapers are Covid, War in Ukraine, recession, global warming, inflation and the extreme high energy prices that plague Europe. And nobody knows what the future will bring. So maybe a nice calendar on your wall might take your thoughts for a few moments to a better world. And give hope that 2023 will be better. 

Porsche Art 2023

In the “Porsche Art” calendar, there is also a Porsche in each of the works of art shown. Selected by Uli Hack, the painter of the famous Formula 1 pictures, the calendar presents works by various artists showing the whole range of contemporary art: from Porsche posters to art prints, from vintage Porsche to 911 classic. From oil painting to digital art, from classic and simple to shrill and comic style. Everything is represented in this special Porsche gift. 

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Porsche Klassik 2023

The “Porsche Klassik” calendar offers Porsche fans an equally fast-paced and varied ride through the year. As if painted, the Porsche models race through spectacular landscapes and along dream roads all over the world.

The twelve motifs show young and classic cars in front of breathtaking natural backdrops, each calendar page representing the bold vision of freedom and dynamics without limits. The design icons and current models inspire both proud Porsche owners and all those who (still) dream of it with their automotive sportiness, individual exclusivity, and design language – and one should always keep a dream in mind so that it will eventually come true.

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Porsche Drive 2023

Porsche Drive 2023
Porsche Drive 2023

Across the Alps in a Porsche, feeling the mountain wind in your face and enjoying breathtaking views – the dream of every sports car fan. The pictures in this calendar by Stefan Bogner make this dream come true, and the dreamlike Alpine panorama makes you want to take the next mountain tour behind the wheel of a Porsche: unique photos of the most popular Alpine passes such as the Gotthard, Stelvio and Grossglockner High Alpine Road, but also lesser-known and traveled pass roads such as Passo di Giau, Flüelpass, and Sella Pass are gathered here.

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Motorsport Classic 2023 Calendar

Motorsport Classic 2023

The Targa Florio, the 1000-kilometer race on the “Green Hell” Nurburgring, the Monte-Carlo Rally – the latest calendar in the “Motorsport Classic” series once again covers the great moments of motorsport. Experience another nostalgic journey through racing history with the most beautiful impressions from the most famous circuits and the most exciting rally tracks. And the wide variety of cars in this calendar will bring joy to the heart of any motorsports enthusiast. 

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